Differential Equations

Analysis, Modeling and Numerical Computations


This is the first online Yarmouk Mathematics Conference on Differential Equations: Analysis, Modeling and Numerical Computations DEAMN-2021, to be organized by the Department of Mathematics at Yarmouk University -Jordan, in the period 18-20 September, 2021.  

The conference aims to bring together leading scientists and interested researchers and students from all over the world in the field of differential equations and their applications. It will provide a platform for researchers to discuss and share ideas concerning recent developments in the field of differential equations. Also, it offers excellent opportunity to strength the international academic cooperation.

The topics of the conference include (but not limited to):

  • Recent developments on the theory of differential equations, including fractional and partial differential equations

  • Numerical methods for differential equations

  • Mathematical modeling of differential equations

  • Control theory

  • Other topics related to differential equations



General Notes:

  1. The conference will be held virtually via the ZOOM Platform.

  2. The participants will be able to access the program free of charge with the provided password.

  3. The participants will be able to access live online presentation rooms and interact with attendees.

Book of Abstracts: 

We have compiled all the abstracts from the conference into this digital book. You can see the book of abstracts here*.

*Last Update: 26-9-2021